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Medium Size Socket Pins

Contact Resistance 
Material Sleeve 
less than 15mΩ (standard specification)
Brass Gold over Ni plated. or Brass Tin over Ni plated.
Beryllium-Copper Gold Ni plated.
List by acceptable diameter. ∗Please refer to the Acceptable Plug dia.
Batch Download ∗PDF
Acceptable Plug dia. (mm/inch) ∗PDF Remarks Contact P/N
φ0.75 ~ φ0.60 / φ.029" ~ φ.023" Four fingers Medium Force 1076/4 contact
φ0.70 ~ φ0.56 / φ.027" ~ φ.023" Six fingers Low Force 866 contact
φ0.85 ~ φ0.76 / φ.033" ~ φ.029" Six fingers Medium Force 876 contact
φ0.90 ~ φ0.70 / φ.035" ~ φ.027" Four fingers Medium Force B contact
φ0.70 ~ φ0.50 / φ.027" ~ φ.019" ∗No details. B11 contact
φ0.85 ~ φ0.65 / φ.033" ~ φ.025" ∗No details. B12 contact
φ0.85 ~ φ0.80 / φ.033" ~ φ.031" M contact
φ1.00 ~ φ0.90 / φ.039" ~ φ.035" ∗No details. Six fingers High Force S-01 contact
φ1.05 ~ φ0.70 / φ.041" ~ φ.027" Four fingers Medium Force CM-1 contact
φ1.05 ~ φ0.70 / φ.041" ~ φ.027" CM-2 contact
φ1.10 ~ φ0.90 / φ.043" ~ φ.035" 1081/4 contact
φ1.50 ~ φ1.30 / φ.059" ~ φ.051" 1082/4 contact
φ1.70 ~ φ1.50 / φ.066" ~ φ.059" ∗No details. S-02 contact
φ2.00 ~ φ1.70 / φ.078" ~ φ.066" 1083/4 contact
Acceptable plug diameter is not guaranteed performance.
Acceptable plug for testing are made of steel and the shape of the cross section is circle.
This is the case of inserting and removing a single pin independently.
Contact only is not for sale.
Suggestion of Socket Pin Selection and Prior Confirmation
There are various plug shapes as shown in the following figures.In some cases,it is necessary to confirm use condition including the process of manufacture,material,and surface finishing in advance and select socket pins.
If you send us the sample of plug, we can propose you suitable socket pins for your application.
1. When a lead of different dia. is mated and unmated to the same socket pin similar socket performance can be obtained if the difference of the lead dia. is within ±0.02mm. When the difference is greater the above range ,the socket pin performance may change,or deteriorate if the thinner lead is mated and unmated after those of thicker leads.
2. Take into consideration the pitch error (or accumulated pitch error)caused when many socket pins are aligned.
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